Don’t Curse the Darkness, Light a Candle

Don’t Curse the Darkness, Light a Candle

Wow our culture is divided in so many ways. The hostility and vehement polarized positions have divided our country in ways that I have never seen. It can be on almost any topic: Democrat, Republican, black lives matter, blue lives matter, health care, abortion, tax reform, LGBTQ, Islam, Christianity. The list goes on and the animosity and arguments have spilled over into the church. I fear that the prophecy in Matt 24:12 is being fulfilled even among believers. It says, “Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…” So, what can we do about it? We recently began a study, at our north Ft Wayne house church, in the book of Matthew and we decided to address this topic. Jesus was born into a divided culture that was even worse than ours is today. How did He deal with it and influence lives? I really like the quote by Brother Andrew, “Don’t curse the darkness, but light a candle.” Because I think this is exactly what Jesus did. The following are lessons that we are learning from Jesus’ example. I will pass them on to you as we go along in our study.

Lesson 1

Engage and Influence (Matthew 1)

Jesus was born of an earthly body in the thick of a corrupt society yet He did not allow it to change Him. No, He brought His light into the dark place. Emanuel – “God with us.”

Engage society, don’t run away from it and don’t get sucked into the hate and anger around you. Feed your soul with good and wholesome things to keep you grounded in Jesus. Read the Bible and memorize it. Spend time in prayer to stay connected to Jesus and His good will rub off on you.